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Bouken Desho Desho?
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Fanfiction by jiyu_chan

What is this anyway?
This is the writing LJ of the infamous jiyu_chan. I have no plans to write stories frequently, just whenever I feel. As for the HillaryxBarack stuff, I'm just insane and thought they'd make a good OTP. OMG PLEASE DON'T FLAME ME FOR THIS! Dx<

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Current Stories?
Right now I am working on a story called Love in a Void. It is a Hillary Clinton x Barack Obama fanfiction. I have no other stories prior to this however. So, this fanfiction may indeed suck.

Well, do you have rules?
Yes, indeed I have rules. And now let me show you them:

1. Do not steal/edit my stories. I take my time to write them so if you want to steal them and claim them as your own, GTFO!

2. Do not flame me. The fandoms I support may indeed be unpopular, but if you really don't like them than STFU or GTFO. Also, if you do like the pairings, but you just don't like my writing style, don't flame me for that either. You may, however, give me ideas to improve.

3. Do not ask me about the "Paul is Dead" mystery. Google has all the answers you need. GO THERE INSTEAD!

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