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09 December 2008 @ 10:38 pm
For Now There Is No Sound, for We All Live Underground: Preface  
For Now There Is No Sound, for We All Live Underground

Author: jiyu_chan (xD)

Series: Spiral: Suiri no Kizuna

Rating: PG? PG-13? There's attempt at murder and that's about it. lulz

Disclaimer: I do NOT own Spiral. This is a work of fiction, nothing more, nothing less. The only character I DO own is Jiyu Motou, considering I am basing her off my Spiral RP non-canon character, this is basically a way just to *expose* her past. I worked hard writing this, so if someone steals this work, I as well as the rest of the Everman!crunk crew will come personally to your home and kick your ass. >:D

Summary: The preface is extremely short. Shaaaaaameee. It's not that exciting either... xD You just see Jiyu (as a young girl) nearly die. That's about it.

Preface: Virtual Insanity

A little girl wearing nothing but a pure white dress, with a benign smile and deep green eyes that sparkled like emeralds was standing in the darkness.

“Jiyu-chan!” her mother yelled.

At that instant, a glass vase of beautiful Japanese irises fell to the floor. The vase seemed to shatter into a thousand little diamonds and the scent from the irises smelled like a sweet perfume.

“Jiyu-chan! Is everything alright?” she asked with concern.
“No!” she cried in pain.

The mother jolted into the room almost instantly seeing the mess. She checked her child for any signs of injury and found a huge cut on her shoulder. She grabbed the nearest thing next to her to pressure the child’s wound, which happened to be a silky green blanket. The blood spilled on to the child’s pure white dress, she fainted due to the amount of blood lost, as the mother clutching tightly on to her child as she desperately reached for the phone, frantically dialing the number for an ambulance.

The day would be marked as the first of many attacks on the blade children…

Preview: Chapter One - We're All Water

She was in a state of shock. Eyes's actions were all so sudden, the only other time he had kissed her was on the hand before she left Britain. But that was out of friendship... right? She didn't want to answer him, but she couldn't just say nothing...

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