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09 April 2008 @ 06:54 pm
Love in a Void: Chapter 1 - New Kids and Love Triangles  
Title: Love in a Void
Rating: PG-13? I guess...
Pairing: Hillary Clinton x Barack Obama

Plot: Barack Obama is the new guy in school and makes friends with a popular, but seemingly cold girl named Hillary. He starts to fall in love with her but she is in love with someone else. Can he capture her heart before it is too late? Or will they be banished to bicker with each other in the 2008 presidential election. WTF KIND OF LAME STORY IS THIS ANYWAY?

(Disclaimer: Do not kill me for the HillaryxBarack pairing. Even though they are real people, none of this story is actually true. Neither is this at all accurate to their past at all. But, at least I can appreciate completely strange pairings~! ♥ Also, I do not own the song Love in a Void. It is a Siouxsie and the Banshees song. In addition, when referring to Bill at first when in Barack’s POV, he will continue to say “that guy”, please, do not question this. >.<;)

Chapter 1: New Kids and Love Triangles

Hillary’s Point of view:

Hillary Rodham was sitting at her desk, dazing off. She wanted something to happen. She wasn’t entirely sure what though. She continued to ponder, completely ignoring her teacher’s lecture about Asia. Suddenly, she heard a knock on the door. It snapped her out of her daydream and back into reality. Her teacher answered the door, and she saw a boy. He looked around 16 or 17 years all and he was exceedingly tall. His skin looked like a caramel-ish color. He, to her, looked very handsome. His gaze made her blush a little. Nevertheless, she just was not interested. She had her sights set on another person. His name was Bill Clinton. To Hillary, Bill was her true love, or at least the man she wanted to love. Her parents are Republicans and probably would object to their precious daughter dating a “liberal” so she never talked to him about it. However, she did not really care about that. She just wanted to conjure up her courage and ask him if he has the same feelings for her.

Barack’s point of view:

He was a bit nervous. He was hoping that the class would accept who he was. His father was an African and his mother white. In his last school, he was bullied for his race and was hoping that here the students would treat him differently from every other school. He finally knocked on the door and a woman opened it soon after. He handed her the note that explained that he was a new student, and she let him in.

“Please welcome our new student, Barack Obama.,” she said to the class. She looked around for a moment and she finally found an open desk. It was a seat next to a girl around his age. She had blonde hair and very pretty blue eyes. Her skin reminded him of ivory. She looked very pretty. Unfortunately, he knows that someone like her probably never give someone like him the time of day. But, he was hoping he could at least make some sort of friendship with her.

Hillary’s Point of view:

When she saw Barack sit in the desk next to her, she was a bit surprised. There were plenty of open seats in the classroom, so why she sat him next to her, she really didn’t know, especially since she sat near the back of the room. Her teacher hated seating her students near the back. Hillary then decided to turn around and at least greet him.

“Hello” she said. “My name is Hillary Rodham.” She smiled at him. For whatever reason, she never really talked to anyone in her class before. Sure, she talked to Bill because she really liked him, but other than that, everyone seemed to bore her. But, this was different. She was saying hello to a student she didn’t even know. But, just by her first sight of him, she could tell he was different. She didn’t really know why though. And, it had nothing to do with the color of his skin. It was something else. She saw a spark in his eyes that she rarely saw in anyone else.

Barack’s point of view:

Barack was confused. First, he was thinking about how someone like her would never give him the time of day and now she is saying hello. He could not believe his ears. Therefore, he turned to her face, and said hello back. But that was it. Neither one of them said anything else to each other during the period. However, he was forced to pass notes to her because some guy kept on writing to her and he just happened to be in the desk next to him.

A couple of hours passed and it was the end of the school day. He did not happen to have any other classes with Hillary, but since he came during 4th period, he was hoping that he would have another class with her in at least one of the first three periods. He walked out of the classroom and saw Hillary walking with that guy again. He assumed that he was her boyfriend, but could not make any true assumptions about it. He then saw Hillary wave at him, she even smiled at him for a second, but then turned away and continued talking with that guy.

Hillary’s Point of view:

She was walking down the hall with Bill, talking and goofing off with him. As she was walking, she saw Barack going down the same hall that she was. She decided as a gesture of kindness to wave and then politely smiles at him. Barack turned around and smiled back. She then turned around back to Bill and continued their conversation. Hillary, however, didn’t realize Barack was still looking over at her.

Barack’s point of view:

Barack couldn’t stop thinking of Hillary. It was like love at first sight. He doubted that she would actually be interested in him though, because he thought that she was just being nice to him just because he was new. But, to him, it seems she had a real interest in that guy she kept on talking to, and looking at, and passed notes to during class, whatever his name was. Bob… No, maybe it was Billy or Bill or something like that. But, he kind of, wanted her to give him a chance. But, he doubted something like that would ever happen, so he just started to give up on that idea and settle that he could make friends with her, or acquaintances or something. It’s not like that there wasn’t another girl in the school that he would fall in love with or at least want to be in love with.

Hillary’s Point of view:

Hillary walked outside and boarded her bus. She started to daydream while waiting for the driver to get to her stop. Once she got off the bus, she walked the rest of the way to her house. When she got to her house, she took out her key and entered. She noticed that neither of her parents was home, so she went straight to her room. She grabbed a pillow off her bed and then started to cry into it, for whatever reason. Was she falling in love with the new kid? Someone she barely even knows. No, she couldn’t possibly be falling for him. She loved Bill, despite her parents hate for him. She decided that the next day, she would start to ignore Barack and if confronted, act coldly to him.

The next day at school, she found out that she not only had her 4th period with Barack, but she also had her first and second periods with him as well. She scorned at this idea and tried to ignore him as much as possible. It was easier with her 1st period because she sat right next to Bill when Barack sat right next to Mitt Romney. “Well, at least he isn’t sitting next to me” she thought. Her second period however, the teacher seated Barack right next to her.

“Good morning” he said, directing it to Hillary. Hillary gave no reply. She didn’t even give any movement to acknowledge that he was even there.

Barack’s point of view:

It seemed that Hillary was ignoring him. He didn’t know why she was doing it or if she was trying to ignore him. Maybe something terrible happened to her yesterday, because she seemed to want to treat him kindly. He decided to try and grab her attention again.

“Is there anything wrong?” he asked.

“Can you just leave me alone!” she exclaimed.

From then on, he went silent, but pondered as to why she was acting this way. Maybe she was just having a bad day or just moody. Because some women tend to be like this a lot. (Author’s note: NO I AM NOT TRYING TO BE SEXIST. xD; ) “Maybe she’ll apologize later, and explain why she’s so annoyed.” he thought.

Hillary’s Point of view:

Barack left her alone for the rest of the day. Third period went by fast and the only thing that happened in fourth period was that Barack accidentally fell out of his chair. She was sympathetic to him and helped him pick up his belongings that fell off his desk. But, she said nothing to him. She didn’t even ask if he needed help or not, she just silently helped him. The rest of the day flew by, and Barack didn’t even bother to try and sit by her at lunch. When she boarded the bus at the end of the day however, she found out that Barack rides the same bus. And, it was unusually crowded that particular day, so begrudgingly; she let Barack sit by her.

“Are you ok?” he asked. “Did anything happen to bother you the other day?”

Hillary, wanted to avoid him, she truthfully did. However, she was stuck. She was sitting right next to him, so she had to answer him weather she wanted to or not.

“I’m just annoyed.” she replied. “I can’t tell you why, but what I can tell you is that I’m having the hardest time right now and I just don’t feel like talking to you or anyone else about it. Not even Bill.”

Barack’s point of view:

“Not even Bill” Those words echoed in his head. That was the name of the man that Hillary loved, Bill. In a way, it burdened him that Hillary was in love with Bill. But, in another way, it was a blessing. He did admit that he wanted Hillary for himself, but if she was happy loving someone else, he would respect her and love her from a distance. After all, he hasn’t even known her for as long as Bill has, so he wouldn’t question it.

The bus made it to his stop. He decided it was the polite thing to do to wave goodbye to Hillary. When he got home, he unlocked the door and found his mother asleep on the couch. She held in her hands one of her many sewing projects, something Barack found funny because she usually put up her projects before she fell asleep. He decided to kiss his mother on the cheek, something he did whenever he found he asleep like this. Almost instantly, she woke up.

“Good afternoon Barack.” she said. “How was school?”

“It was ok.” he replied.

“Anything happen today you’d like to talk about?” she asked.

“No.” he said.

Of course, he was lying to himself. He dearly wanted to talk this over with his mother, but he was afraid. He wanted to talk about Hillary and how he has fallen in love with her over these past days and he barely even knows her. Of course, he was way too embarrassed to bring up a topic about any girl he might have liked. But, the other thing is, he’s never really been in love with any girls. He had a crush on this one girl at his old school, but he never said anything to her anyway. He just watched her from a distance. And he could never bring himself to tell his mother about it either. Sometimes he just wondered if he would be that pathetic for the rest of his life.

Chapter 2 Preview:

She just felt like the dagger of truth was pressed against her throat aching to slit her. But then she thought that on the off chance that Bill was telling the truth.

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